Series Exam Preparation

FIRE’s courses are modularly designed to provide the most effective and efficient study environment.  The courses have multiple features that reduce the amount of study time needed by students to move through the exam material.  These features take advantage of the fact that a student online may study the material at his own pace, without waiting for a colleague to understand, as is the case in a live classroom.

FIRE currently offers 10 FINRA, NASAA, and MSRB exam preparation courses.  Most FIRE courses comprise five major program components:

Lessons:  This section contains all of the information normally found in a book.  It is written in a book format with easy cross‐referencing. Interactive questions, called “FIRE Drills,” appear periodically throughout the material to reinforce the student’s knowledge and increase retention.  Visual cues, such as red bold text, highlight information to signify the importance of that specific concept, term, or rule. This is considered “Must Know” information and is reinforced in Executive Summaries and Class Notes.

Highlighted Information:  Points that continually show up on the test are highlighted in FIRE’s material in red and bold.  This calls attention to important information, and ensures that a student who is skimming the Lessons will still note the “Must Know” information.

Executive Summaries: All “Must Know” information collected from the Lessons is aggregated into an Executive Summary for each Module.  Executive Summaries are written in bullet‐point format and allow students to quickly review the most important concepts in each module.  Each concept is cross‐referenced with the exact paragraph where that lesson is discussed.  Some students use the Executive Summaries as review tools; others use them to begin their studying.  

Trainer’s Notes:  Information in each module is presented in a slide format, which uses a friendly, conversational style and condenses the information into easy‐to‐understand outlines. These instructor’s notes provide an excellent way for students to review the material before taking the test, or for more experienced learners, a way to reinforce what they already know. Test tips are added to provide a comprehensive training experience.

Extensive Testing:  FIRE has created thousands of original test questions that follow the FINRA exam format.  Questions are presented in Module Quizzes, Midterms, and Final Exams. Once a student submits a test for grading, he receives detailed feedback explaining the correct answer for each question.  These rationales are cross‐referenced back to the text, so the student knows where to look if he has questions on the material.