Welcome aboard! We truly look forward to supporting you in becoming a licensed securities professional with Prudential.


FIRE has been building a strong relationship with Prudential and is working closely with the students and many of the managers, providing the tools necessary to help pass your exam on the first attempt. The results coming in have been excellent.

FIRE's All-in Exam Prep Features

  • Online self-study modules
  • Live and recorded web tutorial sessions
  • Online quizzes and Final exams. Your average score on our final exams is typically within 3 points of your actual score
  • FIRE's Green Light plan ensuring you stay on track (90%+ pass rate)
  • FIRE Drill Quiz Apps available for free download (iOS & Android) at
  • Free on-demand printing of online materials
  • Unlimited toll-free telephone and email access to our expert trainers

FIRE offers a 20% discount to Prudential students on all Exam Prep:

Series 6 Retail: $200 Prudential Price: $160
Series 63 Retail: $105 Prudential Price: $84
Series 65 Retail: $210 Prudential Price: $168
Series 66 Retail: $200 Prudential Price: $160
Series 7 Retail: $410 Prudential Price: $328
Series 9/10 Retail: $515 Prudential Price: $412
Green Light program pass series 7

We want to emphasize an extremely valuable student feature called Green Light.  This feature is unique to FIRE and gauges a student’s readiness and promotes confidence.  Students that achieve a Green Light pass their exams over 90% of the time!  We guarantee it through our No Pass, No Pay Program.

If more work needs to be done, we provide students with a roadmap to review using our suggested study plan.  The student is not responsible for putting together their own questions and review process and can leave it up to the experts.

You are not alone when you enroll into FIRE’s Exam Prep program.  An instructor is available to answer all of your questions.  Simply, pick up the phone and contact them or schedule a time that is more convenient.

For sales inquiries, please email Arthur Viera at or call 1-781-790-3618.