Oftentimes, we’re asked by those who already have their Series 7 and Series 63, whether they should take the Series 65 or the Series 66. Assuming that your firm has no preference, either will work. 

Understanding the difference, however, might help you make the best decision in your given situation.

Being that the Series 66 is titled “The Uniform Combined State Law Exam” and functionally covers both the Series 63 and 65, many people assume that it is a longer exam than the Series 65 (The Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam).  This is not true, however, as the Series 65 is designed to act as a stand-alone exam for those not affiliated with a broker/dealer.  As such, the Series 65 tests a good amount of content from the Series 7 exam.  The Series 66 doesn’t test this content since the Series 7 is a corequisite.  The Series 65 is 130 questions vs. the Series 66 at 100.  To cover this additional content, the FIRE Solutions Series 65 materials are twice as long (20 modules) as our Series 66 materials (10 modules); content in Modules 1-10 is common to both the Series 65 and Series 66 and is shared by both sets of material.

The Series 66 does have a higher passing requirement (73%) vs. the Series 65 (72%), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the exam is harder — the passing ratios nationwide are about the same for both exams. 

The Series 66 is a shorter exam, requires less time to prepare, but only if you currently have or are preparing for the Series 7.

Whichever  exam you decide, FIRE Solutions’ expert trainers can help you pass.  Sign up today — we look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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