We are happy to announce another new feature available in our Exam Prep assessments. Students now have the ability to select either Learning or Testing Mode when they launch an assessment. 

Learning Mode — this method allows students to practice taking assessments and they receive Immediate Feedback as soon as they submit each answer. This is an excellent way to address weaknesses and allows the learner to get just-in-time remediation on a topic they may be struggling to understand.

Testing Mode — this method simulates the testing center experience. The assessments are timed and only provide Delayed Feedback. Testing in this mode gives the learner a chance to replicate a testing environment.

In addition, the FIRE Solutions platform provides several tools to pinpoint weaknesses and direct the learner back to the appropriate modules and sections to get a full understanding of the material. Some of these tools include:

  • Question Rationales — these rationales provide remediation and direct the learner back to the specific modules and sections that address a concept.
  • Assessment Summaries — these are available at the end of each individual assessment and pinpoint weaknesses on that individual assessment. They are broken down by the number of questions missed and the module and section for each of the missed questions.
  • Suggested Study Plan — this should be considered a customized remediation plan. It compiles the results from all of the final assessments to pinpoints weaknesses. Students should use these results to revisit problem areas and focus on their weaknesses.

Our question rationales provide remediation and direct the learner back to the specific module and section references. Because the exams are so heavily focused on scenario-based questions, it is critical that learners review the full context and explanation so that they are able to not only recall information, but apply it to any scenario-based question.

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