FIRE Solutions is pleased to announce a new addition to our Firm Element Continuing Education course catalog:

AML – A Historical Review

Course Code = CE_AMLHR
Approx.  45 - 50 Minutes


AML — A Historical Review is intended for securities industry professionals interested in developments and trends in anti-money laundering activities and efforts, as well as the changing regulatory environment.  This course presumes that the reader has a basic understanding of the AML requirements under the Patriot Act.

Course Description

The aim of this course is to give financial services professionals a review of past trends in money laundering schemes.  Lesson 1 briefly reviews anti-money laundering basics, while Lessons 2 and 3 look at some of the most recent hot topics in the reporting of suspicious activity, trendy schemes in moving money both abroad and in the U.S., and advisories from FinCEN and FINRA.  The course concludes with case studies that highlight the consequences of noncompliance with anti-money laundering rules and regulations.