Save time and money with on-demand Annual Compliance Meetings


  • Select from over 110 pre-recorded Annual Compliance Meeting segments, or provide your firm-specific content
  • Proprietary tracking and communication tools send automatic customized notification and reminder emails at intervals you determine
  • Online attestations ensure employees confirm their attendance
  • Certificates of completion provide immediate documentation
  • Our Customer Support Team is on-call to answer technical questions and address problems
  • Surpasses FINRA requirements with tracking of registration, question responses, time spent in meeting, meeting completion and credit status


  • Seamless delivery of off the shelf or custom meetings
  • Automatic attendance tracking including time spent in meeting, answers to polling questions and completion attestations
  • Increased communication for attendees with real time posting of questions and answers
  • Saves time and money on travel costs, while ensuring all attendees receive the same content
  • Available anytime anywhere
  • Annual Compliance Questionnaire can be appended to end of meeting, insuring timely completion and submission

To learn more about FIRE’s self-service Annual Compliance Meeting solution, see Blaze Xpress.